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2019 Southern Section Rankings 11/22/2019

2019 Southern Section Rankings 11/22/2019

The Southern Sections rankings are based on pre-season tournaments and how they finished at the masters meet tournament. Once the +2-pound allowance is in effect and wrestlers start dropping weight I will place them in the proper weight class. Best of luck to all and let us have an injury-free season as all these athletes will be working hard to punch their tickets to the big dance in February. Feel free to e-mail Pablo Di Maria at with information. 

Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Maximus Martinez St. John Bosco Fr. Central
2 Beau Mantanona Palm Desert Fr. Central
3 Nathan Lopez Hillcrest Sr. Coastal
4 Artie Carranza Arlington So. Eastern 
5 Ethan Perryman Temecula Valley So. Inland
6 Adrian Ledezma Roosevelt Sr. Northern
7 Caleb Park Calvary Chapel/SA Fr. Coastal
8 Kade Ayres Fountain Valley So. Northern
9 Travis Ewing Esperanza So. Southern
10 Santino Sanchez San Marino So. Southern
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Fernando Barreto  Rowland So. Inland
2 Zeth Romney  Chaminade Prep So. Southern
3 Chris Calderon Esperanza Jr. Southern
4 Tiger Ortiz  Calvary Chapel/SA Jr. Coastal
5 Sean Solis  Fountain Valley So. Northern
6 Jake Quintana  Valencia/Valencia So. Northern
7 Justin Rodriguez  Palm Desert So. Central
8 Devin Avedissian  Temecula Valley So. Inland
9 Adrian Preciado  Serrano Jr. Eastern 
10 Nathan Muniz Hillcrest Sr. Coastal
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Adrian Limon Northview So. Inland
2 A.J. Gaitan  Yucaipa So. Eastern 
3 Yoshiya Funakoshi  West Torrance So. Coastal
4 Joaquin Arroyo Calvary Chapel/SA So. Coastal
5 Zach Parker  Fountain Valley So. Northern
6 Vinny Reyes  South Torrance Sr. Coastal
7 Dylan Atherton Arroyo Jr. Coastal
8 Anthony Pereyra  Norte Vista So. Coastal
9 Enzo Fukunaga Woodbridge So. Inland
10 David Vasquez  Los Osos Jr. Inland
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Nikko Ruiz  St. John Bosco Fr. Central
2 Richard Castro-Sandoval  Santa Ynez Sr. Inland
3 Korey Mendoza Yucaipa Sr. Eastern
4  Sean Yamasaki Dos Pueblos Sr. Inland
5 Mahrad Reyhani Aliso Niguel Sr. Coastal
6 Erik Hernandez Villa Park Sr. Southern
7 Eric Favela Citrus Hill Sr. Northern
8 Ethan Barrile Bonita Sr. Coastal
9 Josh Trumbull Canyon Springs Sr. Eastern
10 Bryant Avila Carter So. Eastern 
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Ryan Spangler  Sultana Sr. Eastern 
2 Timothy Levine St. John Bosco Sr. Central
3 Gabriel Schumm  Citrus Hill Jr. Northern
4 M.J. Gaitan Temecula Valley So. Inland
5 Richy Herrera  Sonora Sr. Southern
6 Koa Ruiz  San Marino So. Southern
7 Marcus Medina  Servite So. Central
8 Joey McLaughlin  Mater Dei Sr. Central
9 Evan Azurdia  Northview Jr. Inland
10 Cameron Owen  Paloma Valley Sr. Eastern 
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Aaron Nagao Esperanza Sr. Southern
2 Josh Medina Servite Sr. Central
3 Collin Hayes  Northview Sr. Inland
4 Alex Ramirez  Rowland Jr. Inland
5 Isaac Salas St. John Bosco Jr. Central
6 Mark Takara  Temecula Valley Fr. Inland
7 Isaac Samano  Don Lugo Sr. Eastern 
8 Jose Cisneros  Sultana Sr. Eastern 
9 Devyn Che San Marino So. Southern
10 Frank Abacherli  ML King Jr. Northern
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Jesse Vasquez  Excelsior Charter Sr. Southern
2 Luke Gayer  Calvary Chapel/SA So. Coastal
3 Brandon Bollinger  Sultana Sr. Eastern 
4 David Villa  Citrus Hill Jr. Northern
5 Oscar Aranda  St. John Bosco So. Central
6 Caleb Trumbull  Canyon Springs Sr. Eastern 
7 Nick Blandino  Etiwanda Sr. Inland
8 Jaryd Bones  Laguna Hills Sr. Coastal
9 Elijah Holiday Esperanza Jr. Southern
10 Tim McDonnell Fountain Valley Fr. Northern
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Sonny Santiago  St. John Bosco Sr. Central
2 Luka Wick San Marino Jr. Southern
3 Trent Houle Capistrano Valley Jr. Coastal
4 Jacob Gamino  Carter Sr. Eastern 
5 Evan Gilbert  Calvary Chapel/SA So. Coastal
6 Caleb Hoff  ML King Sr. Northern
7 Trent Munoz  Valencia/Valencia Jr. Northern
8 Tyler Okada  Servite Jr. Central
9 Luis Ramirez  Fountain Valley Jr. Northern
10 Benjamin Velasco  La Quinta Sr. Central
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Cael Valencia  St. John Bosco Jr. Central
2 Andrew Sparks  Calvary Chapel/SA Sr. Coastal
3 Braden Smelser  Valencia/Valencia Sr. Northern
4 Joey Mora  Esperanza Sr. Southern
5 Ethan Aguiniga Sultana Jr. Eastern 
6 Dylan Zotea Fountain Valley Jr. Northern
7 Angelo Ganac  Los Osos Sr. Inland
8 Juan Chiquito Hesperia Sr. Eastern 
9 Wyatt Lewis  Northview Sr. Inland
10 Luke Campbell South Torrance Jr. Coastal
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Maxwell Wilner Fountain Valley Jr. Northern
2 Valor Buck Servite Sr. Central
3 Liam McNair  Damien Sr. Inland
4 Isaiah Morales  Cathedral City So. Eastern 
5 Tyrell Rogers  San Dimas Sr. Inland
6 Jake Merrifield  Temescal Canyon Jr. Eastern 
7 Joey Estrada  Yucaipa So. Eastern 
8 Jetro Preciado  Lakewood So. Central
9 Taro Lyadom  Mira Costa Sr. Northern
10 Fabian Ponce  Carter So. Eastern 
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Nathan Haas  St. John Bosco Sr. Central
2 Baron Gaunt  West Torrance Sr. Coastal
3 Connor Le Laguna Hills Sr. Coastal
4 Neil Carter  Servite Sr. Central
5 Travis Wuerth  Hemet Sr. Northern
6 Joseph Rodriguez  Paramount Jr. Southern
7 Raqueal Wagstaff Vista Murrieta Sr. Inland
8 Parker Chaffee  Serrano Sr. Eastern 
9 Braylan Durazo Westminster Jr. Central
10 Jakob Edwards  Cypress Sr. Southern
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Joshua Harkey Dana Hills Sr. Coastal
2 Jack Richards Royal Sr. Northern
3 Joaquin Garcia  Villa Park Sr. Southern
4 Malachi Lyles  Mayfair Sr. Coastal
5 Trevor Tinker  Northview Sr. Inland
6 Artem Loginov Ribet Academy Sr. Northern
7 Matthew Bejar  Faith Baptist Sr. Eastern 
8 George Hernandez  Moreno Valley Sr. Inland
9 Aiden Resendiz  Mater Dei Jr. Central
10 Luis Cruces  Lakeside Sr. Eastern 
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Guillermo Escobedo  Los Altos Sr. Eastern 
2 Tristen Wilson  Servite Sr. Central
3 Gabriel Carranza  Victor Valley Sr. Central
4 Brandon Leon  Roosevelt Sr. Northern
5 Rigo Estrada Northview Sr. Inland
6 Maximiliano Guerrero  Hillcrest Sr. Coastal
7 John Coleman  Laguna Hills Sr. Coastal
8 Zion Longsine  Bonita Sr. Coastal
9 Hamde Awad Canyon Springs Sr. Eastern 
10 Stone Dumas  Mission Viejo Sr. Coastal
Rank Athlete School Grade CIF Division
1 Ricky Perla  Los Osos Sr. Inland
2 Arturo Ojeda San Jacinto Sr. Northern
3 Jacob Nunez Lompoc Sr. Inland
4 Alex Martinez Beaumont Sr. Northern
5 Christopher Torres  Oak Hills Sr. Eastern 
6 Allan Flores Mission Viejo Sr. Coastal
7 Elias Pineda  Palm Springs Sr. Central
8 Temo Castilla  Sonora Sr. Southern
9 Jorden Benton  Villa Park Sr. Southern
10 Matthew Fee  Fountain Valley Sr. Northern

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