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Custom Gear

Dominate in Style with Tri-Titan's Custom Wrestling Gear

Designed and made to leave an impression on and off the mat!


It's all in the details! We use only quality and proven threads and fabrics to ensure durable gear that won't break down after a few practices and matches.


Saturated colors, deep blacks, and pearly whites. Our dye process not only brings out the best colors, its also dyed deep into the fabric, to maintain its color even when stretched out!


With our perfect blend of fabrics, soft flatlock thread and comfortable trims, our gear is light and comfortable. Our goal is to have Tri-Titans be your athletes favorite gear!

All Custom Team Orders include Graphic Design by our amazing Graphic Design team to fit your team's style!

Let's Take The Next Step Forward!

Thank you for looking into our Club and Team program! We've taken our product manufacturing and want to share it with the entire wrestling and grappling community! Design your own singlets, doublets, etc. or bring on our team to give you a fresh custom design for your wrestling team or wrestling club! We offer the BEST prices possible to allow your team to focus their finances on facilities, competition, and more! If you are interested in getting your team fitted out let us know what you are interested in with this contact form and our dedicated sales team will get in touch with you ASAP!