Beast Man Singlet

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The Tri-Titan’s custom Sublimated singlet comes with a perfect blend of Polyester and Spandex for optimal comfort and durability. The 4-way stretch material moves with the body to support the most agile athletes, while being held together with our double-stitched ,and flat locked stretch threads. Our ink is dyed deep into the fabric to ensure a strong, saturated color, even when stretched out.

  • Light-weight and comfortable on the skin
  • Durable  stretched fabric- Polyester and Spandex for flexible power moves
  • Flatlock seams and double stitched for comfort and durability, no bulge at the seams
  • Quick dry, wrinkle free, shrink resistant
  • Sublimated ink to fabric- No fade, crack or peel


  • 80% Polyester/Lycra

  • 20% Spandex

  • Stretch threads

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jin Kim
The beast's power rising.

Wearing the beast man singlet gave me a beast-like power and succeeded in breaking my personal record.
Thank you. beast man.

Deadlift 240kg -> 245kg
Benchpress 155kg -> 160kg

I became the Beast Man

As soon as I dawned this powerful garment, I felt its absolute might rush through me. The great warrior god Ares appeared before me and taught me a move so intricate and so indefensible that I became unstoppable. The cow-catcher. I now live by the glorious slap of referees hands against the mat. My opponents no longer mourn over their loss, but instead thank me for allowing them to leave the ring intact. Every day my strength increases, while my height recesses. Hair is beginning to consume my body, jet black, only a silver streak forming down the ridge of my spine. I have become the Beast Man.

Christian Decatur

Singlets are very durable. Linings don’t rip, easy to wash and dry. Long lasting and comfortable.