Drop Bombs Funk Fighter Compression Shirt (Rashguard)

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Tri-Titans Funk Fighter Antimicrobial with Silver Ions embedded into the fabric creating a protective layer on the fabric that combats the attachment of microbes and inhibits bacterial growth. Our compression fabrics are infused with a polymer containing Silver Ions technology which eliminates odor-causing bacteria and creating a barrier between you and bacteria related to close contact sports such as ringworm, staph, mat herpes, impetigo, mildew . The antimicrobial won't impact the good bacteria when in contact with skin. 

All-new Tri-Titans Funk Fighter made from our own blend of polyester/lycra silver ions infused fabric with flatlock threads to keep it together through any battle. Perfect for training or competing in wrestling, BJJ, and MMA.  Battle like a beast, don't smell like one. 

Our fabric is:

* Silver infused fabric combats harmful bacteria & fungus on contact

* Drastically lower the risk of common skin infections related to close contact sports

* Combat the foul odors from sweat & moisture

* Prevent the spread of bacterial & fungal infections to others

* Lightweight & Comfortable

* Breathable and fast drying

Wash Instructions- For best long term result, wash garments in cold water, avoid chlorine bleach & fabric softener and air dry.

**Disclaimer - While Funk Fighter fabric will drastically lower the risk of skin infections on areas covered; it does not cure bacterial infections.