Saiyan Armor v2 Singlet (FF)

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Battle-tested and battle-proven, the Saiyan Armor is made for fighting the strongest beings in the universe! Our newest iteration of the Saiyan Armor Singlet shows the wear and tear of a hard-fought battle. Being damaged doesn't mean you're out of commission, so keep on fighting!

All new singlets will feature our new material with Funk Fighter! Made from our own blend of polyester/lycra silver ion infused fabric with flatlock threads to keep it together through any battle. Made for the competition mat, but built to withstand regular usages like practice or the weight room!

Funk Fighter Silver Ion Infused Fabric Features:

* Antimicrobial (Fights Bacteria and Fungi)

* Eliminates Odor-causing bacteria on contact

* Lightweight yet Durable.

* Comfortable soft material with a smooth surface.

* Breathable and fast drying

Wash Instructions- For best long term result, wash garments in cold water, avoid chlorine bleach & fabric softener and air dry.